Vision, mission and values

INCRO’s Mission

To research and develop process technologies, based both in own and associated parties know-how, becoming the world licensing leader for those technologies, fulfilling at the same time shareholders and costumers objectives, including enhancing their relationship.

INCRO’s Vision

Providing technology, engineering, equipment and services complying and exceeding Customers timing and requests, thanks to the experienced, professional and committed staff, fulfilling at the same time third parties / global guidelines and requirements, with special focus on environmental sustainability.

INCRO’s Values

Fundamental values, like INTEGRITY, SAFETY, QUALITY, RELIABILITY and COMMITMENT are imbued throughout INCRO’s organization.

Our STAFF is our principal asset, with an unparalleled loyalty to INCRO for the last 20-30 years.

Our CUSTOMERS are our main driving force and our long relationship partners. Hence our commitment to outstanding QUALITY, exceeding Customer’s expectations, and our reliable long term SUPPORT.

THIRD PARTIES expectations are highly considered at INCRO. Our manufacturing process use the best available technologies to contribute to society progress & growth, as well as to Environmental sustainability.

Those are the key points guiding our strategy, objectives and other actions contained in our quality system, always looking for continuous IMPROVEMENT.

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