Incro Technology


Since 1975 INCRO, S.A. has developed its own technologies chiefly devoted to produce fertilizers and explosives, based on the technologies and the processes available and operated in its mother company S.A.CROS.

Following up on some early work by TVA, using a Pipe Reactor for liquid fertilizers production, INCRO’s mother company S.A. CROS was the first company in the world developing its own Pipe Reactor for solid granular fertilizers production, during the period 1971-74 in a pilot plant and since then at industrial scale, producing a wide range of fertilizers, later also applying the same Pipe Reactor technology for manufacturing ammonium nitrate for explosives.

Soon in the 80’s INCRO started developing its own washing systems / equipment to recover all effluents generated during manufacturing process, at the beginning in the fertilizers & explosives projects, but later making it extensive to other sectors.

Own development, as well as partnership with third specialist parties, originated the new INCRO’s environmental division, specialized in Waste water treatments.

Technology has been successfully applied in many industrial plants, not only in our own facilities in Spain, but also abroad, practically in all continents, using most raw materials sources and manufacturing a wide range of products.

Several processes are available, depending on the raw materials employed and desired product grades.

Available technologies

Solid Fertilizers

Liquid Fertilizers


Incro Water


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