World leading Technology Licensor since 1975

Meet Incro

Spanish engineering company founded by in 1975 by a fertilizers manufacturer and an Engineering Contractor, to develop and license their technologies, with the aim of becoming world leading licensor in those fields.


INCRO develops and licenses patented processes and proprietary equipment for fertilizers, explosives and Waste Water Treatments.


INCRO basically provides License, Know-How, Basic Engineering, Procurement and supervision services for any fertilizer or explosives project.


Incro, S.A. has multiple references all over the world, supported by Project acceptance certificates.


INCRO is the world undisputed licensing leader on granulation Technologies for fertilizers manufacture, with more than 150 references, supported by Customer issued acceptance certificates.


INCRO is an international key player in explosives technology, backed by the processes and experience of its shareholder, Spanish explosives production leader, and more than 30 references successfully completed.

Incro Water

INCRO is an engineering company specialized in waste water treatment, using evaporation and condensation technologies, with more than 150 Lump sum turnkey (LSTK) projects successfully executed.

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