Investigation and Development


With the objective of continuous improvement, INCRO carries out research, investigation and development of new technologies and existing processes upgrading.

INCRO carries out a continuous re-evaluation and adaptation of processes, based on the feedback of our leading engineers after plant commissioning / site studies, together with the continuous supply of information received from our licensed Endusers and our mother company manufacturing units, resulting on additions, changes and clarifications incorporated to our next project engineering.

Customer and market players requests are a moving force to initiate R+D+i activities, as well as INCRO’s key personnel information obtained at specialized seminars, scientific publications…Those inputs are one of the basis for our in-house developments, identifying techniques and new opportunities for improving our processes / equipment.

INCRO has three pilot plants to innovate processes, investigate new products requested by Customers, as well as to essay treatment of new waste water streams, even at Customer’s locations, ensuring proper engineering development and final plant success. This process also gives us the opportunity of detecting some potential innovations.

As examples of our R+D+I activities, regarding fertilizers INCRO has conducted granulation tests in a fluidized bed granulator for:

  • Urea – Ammonium sulphate
  • Granulated NK fertilizers
  • Ammonium sulphate granules
  • Urea Gypsum Phosphate
  • Granules fattening

INCRO also pays a lot of attention to the best available technologies for gas / liquid emissions treatment, incorporating state of the art systems, not only to fulfill Customer requests, but also bearing in mind sustainability and other statutory and regulatory demands, anticipating global expectations.

New pipe reactors, heat and energy integration, improved control systems, safety enhancing arrangements, new high grades manufacture, performance additives, prilling tower gases recycling, new opacity / mists abatement, powerful new scrubbing systems…are typical examples of new research and developments.

The Waste Water division, initially focused in atmospheric evaporation technologies, additionally developed modular units for waste water treatment using mechanical vapor compression, obtaining significant results, with more than 30 successful applications of that technology in numerous fields, like food industry, cars, industrial waste water…

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