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INCRO, S.A. Background

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INCRO, S.A was founded in 1975  by S.A. CROS, leading Spanish manufacturer of fertilizers, chemicals and pharmaceuticals since 1817, and INTECSA, a Spanish Engineering Company with large experience and capacity for international project implementation since 1965, for being  in charge  of the research, development and transfer  of the technologies available within their industrial groups, with the aim of becoming the world licensing leader on its field.

In 1989, the complete merger  of S.A. CROS and ERT, another fertilizers and explosives manufacturer, led to formation of the group  ERCROS, whose  agrochemical division was known  as FESA-ENFERSA.

In 1995, capital investment by Villar Mir Group,  a holding active in fertilizers, energy,  construction and other  industrial sectors, consolidated the company, guiding it to a promising future  under  the name  of FERTIBERIA. Nowadays,  FERTIBERIA is the largest Spanish fertilizer and explosives manufacturer, being also one of the largest in Europe, manufacturing more than  8 MM tpy of fertilizers in 16 production centres in four countries .

The other shareholder, INTECSA INDUSTRIAL, is one of the leading Spanish engineering companies, providing a full range  of quality engineering, procurement and construction services, particularly in lump sum turnkey  projects. It belongs to ACS Group, a worldwide holding, undisputed leader  in the construction, energy  and service  concessions sectors, including more than  800 companies, 180.000 employees and with a turnover of more than  35 billion €.

Both shareholders own 50% of INCRO, S.A.’s  shares.


INCRO, S.A. was founded in 1975 by S.A. CROS, a leading manufacturer in the production of fertilizers, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, and INTECSA, Spanish International engineering company with a long experience and capacity to carry out LSTK projects.


The complete merge of S.A. CROS and ERT in 1989 led to formation of the group ERCROS, whose fertilizer division was named FESA.


German engineering contractor UHDE acquires 50% of INTECSA, enhancing international presence.


In 1995, capital investment by Villar Mir Group, a holding active in fertilizers, energy, construction and other industrial sectors, consolidated the company FESA-ENFERSA, guiding it to a promising future under the name of FERTIBERIA.


Since 2007 INCRO, S.A.’s shareholding has evolved into a two equal part ownership, FERTIBERIA (Grupo Villar Mir) and INTECSA Ingeniería Industrial (Grupo ACS); both owning a 50% of the company.


As a technology and Know-How supplier, we are fully aware INCRO’s staff is our main asset, so personnel formation, recognition and satisfaction should be our main concern, leading to their commitment, passion for the job and loyalty. Somehow it is clear we managed, as most INCRO key personnel has stayed for more than 20-30 years within the company.

In addtion to our skilful engineers, the vast experience of FERTIBERIA and INTECSA Industrial in fertilizers / explosives production and engineering / contracting  respectively , allows INCRO,S.A. to have access to a large group of highly qualified engineers, capable of meeting the demands of any project, regardless of its size and complexity.

INCRO also has three pilot plants, access to FERTIBERIA laboratories and agreements with third parties to conduct research and testing of different processes / applications.

Environmental Commitment

INCRO, according its values and its responsibility as a world licensing leader, enforces a sustainable approach and an environmental commitment on all its designs and activities.

INCRO, S.A., soon after starting with its licensing activities, took the decision of designing all the scrubbing systems for our licensed processes, due to our deeper knowledge of the process and the suitability and perfect adaptation of our proposed solutions.

INCRO’s experience and technology has been  complemented by the acquisition and further development of third parties technologies.

INCRO, S.A. has 3 pilot plants, used,  not only for determining and checking  at site the characteristics of each application, but also to allow for continuous process  research  and improvement.

All available processes and technologies, as well as the equipment, are protected under  more than  30 patents developed by INCRO, S.A.