INCRO, partner on CORALIS project.

INCRO S.A, jointly with other 28 companies, is part of the consortium developing European Project CORIALIS, an acronym meaning “Creation of new relationships within the value chain by making new creative approaches that facilitate long term industrial symbiosis”Project is scheduled to be completed in next 4 years, within the frame of the European R&D&I Project Horizon 2020. 


Industrial symbiosis consists on the association of different companies generating synergies to improve resources use, reducing environmental impact. It is an arrangement gaining relevance in last years, due to its large potential for energy consumption and by-products reduction, a key initiative to promote circular economy. 


Main CORALIS Project objective is creating opportunities for decarbonization in intensive energy and resources consuming sectors, by means of feasible industrial symbiosis arrangements that combine new commercial strategies and innovative technology management. 
This new approach will be demonstrated in three real industrial areas, setting the basis to launch the industrial symbiosis potential within EU. 


As part of the 2020 strategy, INCRO, as well as other partner companiespromotes innovative projects developmentINCRO participates in the Spanish demo Project located in Escombreras, in a consortium led by Fertiberia (INCRO’s mother company), also with the participation of QSr and AZCATEC, being INCRO’s responsibility the development of Basic Engineering and carrying out trials for a symbiotic Potassium nitrate unit including innovative processes for by-products recovery and usage as raw materials (including consumption of CO2 released by nearby units), reducing at the same time effluents and water consumption.