In addtion to the skilful engineers of INCRO, S.A., many of them working for more than 20 years for the company, the vast experience of Fertiberia and INTECSA Industrial in their respective sectors, allows INCRO,S.A. to have a large group of highly qualified engineers, capable of meeting the demands set in industrial engineering today and suited to complete any kind of project, regardless of its size and complexity.

As an essential part of the productive processes, but also important as an independent technology line, INCRO, S.A. has gained valuable experience in the design and operation of environmental treatment units, developing its own technology for the manegement of gaseous and liquid effluents, adjusting them to the prevailing environmental legislation.

This experience and technology has been completed by the acquisition and development of third parties license and technology on the same field, like the atmospheric dehydration processes, suitable to eliminate in an effective and economic way any aqueous liquid effluent, specially those difficult to treat using conventional systems.

All available processes and technologies, as well as the equipment, are protected under more than 30 patents developed by INCRO, S.A.

Regarding new developments INCRO, S.A. has set up 3 pilot plants, used, not only for determining and checking at the sight the design parameters required for any application, but also to allow for continuous process research and improvement.

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